Saturday, November 2, 2013

Scaled Continent: Templates

Note that many of these templates use the Standard Kit I proposed last time.  Also these templates, rather then being rolled on 3d6 as starting gold, have an associated gold piece cost.  Roll or choose a template and subtract its value from your starting gold.  If you come out negative, you owe a debt to a Hutt Voltari crime lord and had best pay up by the end of the first month or so of play.

And so, without further ado, templates!

  1. Legionnaire.  Fighting Style (Shield), Siege Engineering.  Banded plate armor (AC5) and shield, javelin, gladius (short sword), dagger, small shovel, hobnailed sandals, freeholder's garb, standard kit.  95 GP.
  2. Legionnaire Equites.  Command, Riding.  Banded plate armor (AC5) and shield, sabre, lance, armiger's garb, high boots, standard kit.  107 GP.
    • Upgrade: medium warhorse, military saddle,  saddlebags, chain barding.  +430 GP
  3. Legionnaire Velite.  Skirmishing, Tracking.  Leather armor (AC2), javelin x3, gladius, dagger, hobnailed sandals, freeholder's garb, standard kit.  55 GP.
  4. Slaver.  Combat Trickery (Knock Down), Intimidation.  Leather armor (AC2), whip, sap, scimitar, freeholder's garb, sandals, manacles, standard kit.  80 GP.
  5. Ship's Marine.  Combat Trickery (Force Back), Seafaring.  Scale mail (AC3), polearm, dagger, shortbow and 20 arrows, freeholder's garb, no shoes, extra waterskin, standard kit.  60 GP.
  6. Mercenary.  Alertness, Manual of Arms.  Chain mail (AC4) and repainted shield, spear, short sword, dagger, freeholder's garb, low boots, standard kit.  83 GP.

Mage (parenthetical entries indicate bonus proficiencies or spells from extra intelligence):
  1. Scholar.  Loremastery, Collegiate Wizardry (Knowledge or Language).  Spellbook with Sleep (Read Languages), quarterstaff, blue mage's robe, sandals, ink, three tallow candles, chalk, standard kit.  52 GP.
  2. Enchantress.  Mystic Aura, Seduction (Lip Reading or Mimicry).  Spellbook with Charm Person (Ventriloquism), bodice knife, armigeress' dress, cloak, low boots, small mirror, standard kit.  68 GP.
  3. Natural Philosopher.  Beast Friendship, Naturalism (Healing or Alchemy).  Spellbook with Sleep (Light), quarterstaff, brown mage's robes, no shoes, empty vial, pound of hemlock, standard kit.  52 GP.
  4. Necromancer.  Black Lore, Disguise (Intimidation or Profession).  Spellbook with Sleep (Hold Portal), sacrificial dagger, freeholder's garb, low boots, blasphemous 'holy' symbol, standard kit. 75 GP
  5. Witch Doctor.  Sensing Power, Intimidation (Theology or Healing).  Spellbook with Sleep (Magic Mouth), club, dagger, loincloth, sandals, voodoo doll, grotesque mask, standard kit.  45 GP.
  6. Legionnaire Arcane.  Battle Magic, Endurance (Military Strategy, Riding, Leadership).  Spellbook with Sleep (Magic Missile), quarterstaff, dagger, freeholder's tunic, hobnailed sandals, plumed hat, standard kit.  46 GP.
I need to do deities first.  In good time.

  1. Thief-Acrobat.  Acrobatics, Performance.  Leather armor, short sword, dagger, 5 darts, thieves' tools, 10' pole, standard kit.  72 GP.
  2. Spy.  Bribery, Disguise.  Armiger's garb, boots, dagger, 5 darts, thieves' tools secreted on person, extra identity, treasonous orders, standard kit.  65 GP.
  3. Smuggler.  Alertness, Bargaining.  Leather armor, sword, dagger, crossbow, case of 20 bolts, thieves' tools, standard kit.  105 GP.
  4. Failed wizard's apprentice.  Arcane Dabbling, Collegiate Wizardry.  Leather armor underneath's mage's robes, dagger, quarterstaff, spellbook with one random 1st-level spell, empty vial, thieves' tools, standard kit.  90 GP.
  5. Ruin Raider.  Trap Finding, Mapping.  Leather armor, spear, dagger, lantern and two pints of oil, crowbar, thieves' tools, chalk, standard kit.  80 GP.
  6. Arsonist.  Precise Shooting, Alchemy.  Leather armor, short sword, dagger, crossbow and 20 bolts, 4 flasks of military oil, thieves' tools, standard kit.  110 GP.
  1. Pirate.  Swashbuckling, Seafaring.  Leather armor, cutlass, dagger, grappling hook, flask, ratty clothes, no shoes, standard kit.   75 GP
  2. Duelist.  Fighting Style (Two Weapon) or Weapon Finesse, Manual of Arms.  Leather armor, smallsword, main gauche, dueling cloak, armiger's garb, low boots, moustache, standard kit.  70 GP
  3. Cultist.  Arcane Dabbling, Theology.  Leather armor, ritual daggers x3, freeholder's garb, sandals, holy symbol, standard kit.  73 GP
  4. Poisoner.  Disguise, Naturalism.  Leather armor, short sword, dagger, darts x10, empty vial x5, armiger's garb, low boots, standard kit.  80 GP
  5. Gladiator.  Acrobatics, Endurance.  Spiked leather armor,  polearm (nothing like backstab with a d10...), flail, pair of daggers, serf's garb, sandals, pouch full of sand, scars, standard kit.  57 GP.  Optional exchange of Hide in Shadows and Move Silently for Manual of Arms and Combat Reflexes
  6. Cave-dweller.  Blind Fighting, Caving.  Hide armor (AC1), crude battle-axe, dagger, foot-wrappings, necklace of finger-bones, pale complexion, dredlocks, agorophobia, standard kit.  35 GP
Postponed pending deities

  1. Mountebank.  Prestidigitation, Mimicry.  Leather armor, sword, fancy cloak, armiger's garb, low boots, standard kit.  75 GP
  2. Standard-Bearer.  Command, Signaling.  Leather armor, spear with crossbar, crossbow with case of 20 bolts, tattered remnants of standard of former mercenary unit, war-horn, freeholder's garb, low boots, standard kit.  96 GP.
  3. Piper.  Beast Friendship, Animal Husbandry.  Sling with 30 bullets, dagger, pan pipes, chiton, sandals, pet rodent, standard kit.  50 GP.
  4. Archaeologist.  Magical Engineering, Knowledge (History).  Leather armor, whip, short sword, crossbow with 20 quarrels, freeholder's garb, low boots, hat, standard kit.  85 GP.
  5. Missionary.  Running, Theology.  Leather armor under priestly robes, quarterstaff, concealed knife, holy symbol, sandals, standard kit.  60 GP
  6. Old Salt.  Eavesdropping, Seafaring.  Fishing gaff (as battle axe), net, knife, sun-bleached serf's clothes, no shoes, assortment of patently ridiculous sea stories, standard kit.  28 GP.
  1. Big-Game Hunter.  Precise Shooting, Tracking.  Scale mail (AC3), arbalest with 20 quarrels, spear, dagger, pith helmet, tent, freeholder's garb, low boots, standard kit.  126 GP
  2. Trapper.  Trapping, Bargaining.  Leather armor, shortbow with 20 arrows, spear, dagger, tent, dingy freeholder's garb, boots, standard kit.  68 GP.
  3. Jungle Tribesman.  Ambushing, Naturalism.  Shortbow with 20 arrows, 3 javelins, machete, knife, loincloth, sandals, standard kit.  35 GP
  4. Islander.  Navigation, Seafaring.  Three javelins, axe, net, loincloth, sandals, tattoos, outrigger canoe, 10' fishing pole, standard kit.  70 GP
  5. Legion Scout.  Land Surveying, Mapping.  Scale mail (AC4), short bow with 40 arrows, machete, dagger, freeholder's garb, hobnailed sandals, tent, extra week's rations, standard kit.  97 GP
  6. Escaped Slave.  Passing Without Trace, Survival.  Hide armor (AC1), shortbow with 20 arrows, crude axe, loincloth, no shoes, manacles (opened), scars, grudge, snakeman jerky, standard kit.
May or may not do demihumans later.  Deities first.


  1. I like templates and kits like this. They really help in putting a character together, or a NPC for that matter.

    1. They are wonderfully convenient for both new players and inspiration. Coming up with these was something of a creative workout.