Friday, November 8, 2013

Scaled Continent: Obsidian Portal Up

A bloodstained ring of black volcanic glass stands in this otherwise-pristine jungle clearing.  It is overgrown with vines, and carved in the shape of a snake eating its own tail.  The trees themselves seem to shy away from it.

Let the complaining about their new interface begin.  I have done my best to de-terrible it.  Also, if I don't have your Obsidian Portal username or an email address, I may need it to send you an invite.

Also: upon examination of the vast tracts of land and vast numbers of hostile sentients residing on the continent, I am considering raising starting resources to 20000 XP and 16000 GP.  Input on this matter is requested.

And now to go put stuff on the wiki.


  1. If you want my Obsidian Portal username, it's Ben_Mass.

  2. It appears that Obsidian Portal doesn't like me. I've got on to the campaign fine, but when I try to add a new character, the screen keeps stretching downwards very rapidly every time I try to do something, and when I try to save my character it just moves the screen up. I'm on an ipad, that's probably something to do with it. I'll try on a computer tomorrow.