Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gods and Clerics of the Scaled Continent

Volgrim - Metal, fire, craftsmanship, dwarves
Neith - the chaste huntress.  Amazons serve her.  Wilderness deity.  Bladedancer meets Explorer.  Ianna's uptight older sister.
Ianna - sex and war.  Much-worshipped on Voltager.  The reason young Voltari men go raiding elsewhere is that the bladedancers refuse to put up with their shit.  ACKS Core Bladedancer.
Ammonar - Sun, law.  ACKS Core Cleric.
Yaris - Wind, water, trade.  Much worshipped by men of Voltager.
Earth Mother.  Clerics as standard ACKSPC Priestess for the time being.
Hungry Darkness / Blind Devourer.  Holy symbol is ouroboros.  Deity of time, death, chaos.  Serpentmen worship its aspects.  The moon to Ammonar's sun.  Cleric variant not yet complete.

Amazons of Neith:
AL: Merciless without cruelty (Neutral)
Prime Reqs: Wis, Dex
Holy Symbol: Running deer.  Also associated with panthers.
Permitted weapons: Hunting weapons.  Bows and crossbows, bolas, spears, javelins.
Fighting styles: Weapon and shield, two weapons.
Permitted armor: Leather or lighter
Turning undead: No
Bonus proficiencies: Skirmishing, Difficult to Spot, Beast Friendship, +1 initiative
Spell list:
    • Cure Light Wounds
    • Delay Disease
    • Detect Danger
    • Faerie Fire
    • Locate Animal or Plant
    • Pass Without Trace
    • Predict Weather
    • Purify Food and Water
    • Resist Cold
    • Salving Rest
    • Augury
    • Bless
    • Charm Animal
    • Delay Poison
    • Resist Fire
    • Shimmer 
    • Silence 15' radius
    • Snake Charm
    • Speak with Animals
    • Swift Sword
    • Cure Blindness
    • Cure Disease
    • Eyes of the Eagle
    • Glyph of Warding
    • Growth of Animals
    • Prayer
    • Remove Curse
    • Striking
    • Winged Flight
    • Command Animals
    • Create Water
    • Cure Serious Wounds
    • Divination
    • Fate
    • Neutralize Poison
    • Nondetection
    • Speak with Plants
    • Sticks to Snakes
    • Summon Animals
    • Atonement
    • Commune
    • Control Animals
    • Create Food
    • Insect Plague
    • Quest
    • Restore Life and Limb (and its reverse, Arrow of Death)
    • Scry
    • Strength of Mind
    • True Seeing
Class proficiency list:
Alertness, Ambushing, Animal Husbandry, Apostasy, Climbing, Combat Reflexes, Contemplation, Divine Blessing, Divine Health, Endurance, Fighting Style, Healing, Laying on Hands, Land Surveying, Martial Training, Naturalism, Navigation, Passing without Trace, Precise Shooting, Prophecy, Quiet Magic, Riding, Running, Survival, Swashbuckling, Theology, Tracking, Unflappable Casting

Clerics of Volgrim:
AL: Creator and scholar (Lawful)
Prime Reqs: Wis
Holy Symbol: Hammer superimposed over anvil.  Also associated with lanterns.
Permitted weapons: Tools of industry - hammers, axes, picks, serrated entrenching tools, large wrenches, &c
Fighting styles: Two-handed, weapon and shield
Permitted armor: Chainmail and lighter
Turning undead: As normal
Bonus proficiency: Craft or Engineering (Damnit, Jim, I'm an engineer!  But also a priest.)
Spell list alterations:
    • Detect Evil -> Read Languages
    • Silence, 15' radius -> Smoke Cloud
    • Snake Charm -> Sharpness
    • Speak with Animals -> Produce Fire
    • Feign Death -> Detect Secret Doors
    • Growth of Animals -> Cloud of Embers (Glitterdust)
    • Create Water -> Some variant of Soften Earth and Stone, TBD
    • Speak with Plants -> Infravision
    • Sticks to Snakes -> Vigor
    • Create Food -> Some variant of Wall of Stone, TBD
    • Insect Plague -> Hammer of Fire

Class proficiencies:
  • Lose: Beast Friendship, Combat Trickery (Push Back, Overrun), Knowledge History, Laying on Hands, Martial Training, Prestidigitation, Quiet Magic
  • Gain: Alchemy, Arcane Dabbling, Craft, Endurance, Engineering, Illusion Resistance, Knowledge Any, Siege Engineering
Dwarven craftpriests typically worship Volgrim.  They take a slightly more martial approach, however; they keep access to heavy armor and their own class proficiency list, as in ACKS Core, but their weapon and spell selections change to the above.

Clerics of Yaris
AL: Fickle (Neutral)
Prime Reqs: Wis
Holy symbol: Albatross.  Also associated with coins and dice.
Permitted weapons: Fishing implements (daggers, spears, nets) and wind-borne projectiles (bows, crossbows)
Fighting styles: Weapon and wooden shield ('flotation disks permitted'), two weapons
Permitted armor: Leather or lighter.
Turning undead: as normal
Bonus proficiencies: Whispering Wind (as Eavesdropping), Seafaring
Spell list alterations:
    • Command Word -> Fellowship
    • Sanctuary -> Predict Weather
    • Snake Charm -> Fog Cloud
    • Hold Person -> Warp Wood
    • Continual Light -> Gust of Wind
    • Feign Death -> Call Lightning
    • Glyph of Warding -> Water Breathing
    • Growth of Animals -> Winged Flight
    • Striking -> Eyes of the Eagle 
    • Smite Undead -> Clairaudience
    • Sticks to Snakes -> Fate

    • Insect Plague -> Summon Weather
    • Dispel Evil -> Control Winds 
    • Flame Strike -> Hailstorm, Vortex, Meteor Strike, or other similar reflavoring
Class proficiencies:
  • Lose: Combat Trickery (Sunder, Overrun), Contemplation, Laying on Hands, Knowledge (History), Martial Training, Profession (Judge), Righteous Turning
  • Gain: Alertness, Bargaining, Gambling, Language, Navigation, Precise Shooting, Seafaring, Swashbuckling

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