Sunday, November 17, 2013

Scaled Continent Session 1

  • Sewers partially explored.  Found and fought a gang of snakemen, took their leader prisoner, interrogated.  Knocked the snake door, snakeman volunteered to check hall for traps by trying to escape, was very successful.  Found cursed fake snakeman artifact, then found secret passage to real one.  Decided to undertake expedition to sell fake one to snakemen.  Encountered ruffians in sewers on way out, did not engage.
  • Pursued the bounty on pirates.  Aerial reconnaisance was conducted via amazon riding giant eagle, pirate camp in hidden cove located.  Scouted plantation of former captain rumored to be mysteriously immune to pirate attacks, no evidence of wrongdoing found.  En route to pirate base, encountered hunting party, captured one and slew rest.  Base found in low alert state waiting for hunting party to return with dinner, pirates dispatched easily, captain (8th-level assassin) taken prisoner via bolas while trying to flee.  Much treasure was had, including two ridiculously huge gems, and a small troop transport captured as ship for further expeditions.
  • Technical difficulties - neither google talk nor roll20's voice/vid was cooperative, ended up falling back to skype voice conference + roll20 map / roller.  Voice quality less than fantastic, one player dropped early due to skype bugging out.  Not ideal, but not sure how to fix.
  • Somewhat slow; many and rusty or new players may have contributed.  Carrier-sense multiple access of voice medium also hard without facial and body cues.  I am sorry we ran overtime, Mark and Alex :\
  • No casualties of either PCs or henchmen.  They didn't even have any "oh god we're all going to die" moments :(.  They managed resources well and made quick, single-target expeditions into reasonably safe areas, so partly smart play on their part (and partly that most of their opponents were 1HD mooks suitable for great cleaving).  I will have to do better next time.

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