Sunday, September 7, 2014

Boardgames 3

More board game reports!

We played more King of Tokyo; the first game I picked up for someone who had to take a phone call, and I/we did OK but not amazingly.  I managed to avoid getting killed, but lost on points.  The second game, I got murderized by a roll of five punches while in Tokyo pretty early on, and then relaxed for a while.

I then tried Pandemic, and everyone died.  We gave it a decent run, though, I guess; got cures for two of the diseases, and were really close on the other two, but ran out of outbreaks and were going to lose by running out of cards to draw on the next turn anyway.  Had fun, would play again.  I think I like cooperative games.

Following Pandemic, we had an arts and crafts interlude in which we manufactured a copy of the long-out-of-print King's Court from notecards.  Two games followed; during both, the last player in the order had really terrible rolls on the first two turns, which combined with buying out of cards by earlier players led to them being badly shafted.  Some discussion of balancing measures for last-in-order ensued.  There was also some debate over the relative merits of the Laborer and the Farmer, which might bear some math at a later date.  Overall it was interesting, but I think we reached a static spot in the buying metagame and I don't know where it would go from here.

More games to follow this evening, I think.