Monday, November 4, 2013

Scaled Continent: Call for Players

In search of freebooters, mercenaries, mappers, hired bearers, mule drivers, local guides, and sundry others for the purpose of exploration, conquest, and plunder of a forbidding jungle continent.

Operational parameters:

System: Adventurer Conqueror King

Medium: roll20 and Obsidian Portal plus some subset of skype, google hangouts, jitsi, IRC, whatever.

Level: probably starting in the 3rd-4th range.  I would like a second shot at handling wilderness adventuring properly, and reaching Domains at War levels in some sort of reasonable timeframe would be fun too.  Starting from 1st is a charming idea, but awful slow.

Lethality: Probably.  Bring henchmen, 10' poles, and/or reserve XP.

Plot: A verb describing the actions taken by smart players between sessions

Playstyle: If low interest, single-party expeditionary play.  If more interest, Western Marches-inspired, but online and with more towns.  Cloud player base, irregular scheduling, single-session expeditions when possible so infrequent players don't get screwed by being out-of-position.

Player types liable to have fun: grognards, planners, repressed wargamers, Dwarf Fortress or Nethack players, greedy bastards who like treasure, pyromaniacs, players sick of riding the railroad.  We've also had good experiences with new players picking up ACKS.

Intended frequency: 0.5 to 2 games per week, depending on interest and with real life permitting.  Perfect attendance not at all expected; my quorum is 2-3 players + DM.

Intended duration: Some months, with breaks as necessary.

Number of players sought: Come one, come all, but probably no more than five per session or so depending on henchman count.  Primary intended audience is family and post-graduation-diaspora old friends, but general public welcome subject to available space.

Character generation details and house-rules in use will be consolidated hopefully by end-of-week.


Tom Hudson said...

Interested, if we can work out time zones and schedules. I've been paying attention to your development posts.

M said...

And my ACKS... Hoping that Barholt 2: the Barholt-ening can happen.

Jim said...

Count me in, assuming scheduling permits. And given that I don't have a stable schedule, that might be difficult. But very interested, excited, and hopeful. Well, I'm hopeful, Character(s) have already abandoned hope - the encumbrance cost is too high.

John said...

Glad to have you, sir! Most of us are EST I think, so time zones shouldn't be too bad if you're in Durham.

John said...

You hadn't joined us when Sheng was playing with us, but he had some Barholt moments as well. At one point he had a Fury and was down below 0, but forgot that he had the roll-twice-choose-best thing, so the rest of the party dragged him out of the dungeon and left him with the mercs to bleed to death while they explored more. Ten minutes later, he goes "Wait no! Hold on, I might be fine," rolls a 17 or something on the d20, and is tracking the rest of the party back into the dungeon.

John said...

It is said that the Way of the Warrior is resolute acceptance of death... though nightblade or wind/travel cleric might be more to your taste :P

Ben Massey said...

You don't know me, but if you take random strangers I'm interested! I've been reading your blog, and you seem like a pretty damn good DM.

Tom Hudson said...

Durham is home, but I'm living in London for another eight months or so.

John said...

Hmm... tricky. We'll see how it works out.

John said...

Thanks! Only through iterated error and analysis :P We're starting to push the upper bound of the number of players I think I can reasonably support (10-12?), but I'll shoot you an Obsidian Portal invite once I get that put together and we'll see how the scheduling works out.

Ben Massey said...

Cool, sounds good.

aheinric said...

Srsly interested, if have room.