Monday, February 11, 2013

New ACKS Spells 1 - Direct-Fire Combat

I broke out the spell construction rules when I was looking at Dismember earlier, and it turns out they're a lot of fun to fiddle with, much like Traveller starship design.  So, some new spells, part one of several - blasts and death:

Missile Storm (Elemental)
Arcane 2
Range: 240'
Duration: Instantaneous
This spell creates a hail of magic missiles which rain down from on high with unerring accuracy, dealing 1d6+1 damage to up to one creature per caster level within a 30' diameter area.
(Maths: Blast spell, 1d6+1 / caster level (33), cap of 1 die of damage (x0.1), one target per level in a 30' diameter (x5), 240' radius (x1.2) = 19.8)

Conflagration (Elemental)
Arcane 3
Range: 120'
Duration: 1 round per caster level
This spell, developed as an early version of fireball, causes the air in a 20' diameter sphere to ignite and burn for 1 round per level of the caster.  Each round on the caster's initiative, each creature in the affected area takes 1d8 points of damage from the fire, no save.  A cold version of this spell is also known to exist, called Dead of Winter.
(Maths: Blast, 1d8 / caster level (35), cap of 1 die of damage (x0.1), 20' diameter sphere (x2), 1 round per level (x4) = 28 points)

Wrack (Necro)
Arcane 3
Range 90'
Duration: Instantaneous
This spell induces terrible phantom pain in up to 4d8 HD of creatures, all of whom must be within a 30' diameter area.  As the evil spirits summoned for this purpose prey on the weak, those with the lowest HD in the area are affected first, and no creature of greater than 8 HD may be affected.  Affected creatures suffer only 1d4 damage from the ordeal but, on a failed save versus death, they become convinced that they have suffered a terrible injury and the spirits make it so, causing a roll on the mortal wounds table modified only by their Con score and not subject to shock or blood loss (as Dismember).
(Maths: Death, 1d4 / level (27) * cap of 1 die (x0.1) = 2.7 plus mortal wound (60) * save negates (x0.5), subtotal 32.7.  32.7 * 4d8 HD within 30' diameter (x3) * fewest HD first (x0.5) * no targets over 8 HD (x0.75) * range 90 (x0.8) = 29.42)

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