Friday, February 1, 2013

Dynamic Lairs

Re-reading through the ACKS book to see if there were any other things like morale that I missed details on, I came across the dynamic lair rules.  When I read them during my initial preparation of the ACKS region, I kind of went "Well, that's an interesting idea, but I don't particularly see building a pile of these lairs when I'm expecting to do mostly dungeon play," so I ignored it.  Upon this most recent re-read, I realized that this is a wonderful tool for low-prep resource extraction wilderness play, which could be used to 'fill in' a rolled random lair without lagging up play for treasure generation.  Probably not useful for generating the targets of treasure maps, but it could be used for that too.

In retrospect, I should've been preparing a bunch of dynamic lairs and treasure map targets over the holidays (or possibly even before that, once it became clear that the PCs were wilderness-capable), rather than trying to fully stock hexes.  This would have been both a lot less work, and would not have so encouraged my players to try to clear hexes.  I love it when the reason part of the system is there suddenly makes sense (the fact that such realizations usually follow bungling closely is somewhat unfortunate, but so it goes).

Of course, it would have been even less work to use SkyFullofDust's lairs when possible, and to pick up where he left off by posting more lairs after my PCs had sacked them...  Next campaign.


  1. I started putting together dynamic lairs for the various lair-monsters in the ACKS book:

    I'll get around it continuing and finishing it one day.

    1. Funny story...

      I queued this post up a week or two ago. In the interim, I found your blog, went "Damn that's a useful resource", and sent it to one of my friends who's launching an ACKS game at 20kXP next weekend...

      And forgot to update this post with a pointer despite clear relevance :\ Fixed now, and thanks for reminding me.