Sunday, June 23, 2013

Work-Life Balance - Rather Tilted

Sorry about the lack of updates - work started, and then I went on a surprise week-long training excursion to a distant state.  Went sort of like this:

My boss, on Monday: "There's a training thing in Elsewhere, but they're out of slots."

On Tuesday: "There's a training thing in Elsewhere, and a couple of slots opened up, but we're not sure if we can let you go because you're not really in the personnel system yet."

Wednesday morning: "Hey, are you packed and ready to go?  Turns out they only have one slot, but you're here early, so it's yours if you have a suitcase in your car.  You'd leave today, and it starts tomorrow morning at 8AM."

Being the old-school 'equipment, intel, and preparation for contingencies' person that I am, I did in fact have a loaded suitcase en car, right next to the MREs and sleeping bag.  And so here I am, in Elsewhere, working lots of overtime, sleeping little, and learning many interesting things.  The food, the folks, and the work are all good, though.

But not doing much gaming.  One thing that came out of a facebook discussion is that I need to write a Thrassian Devourer class - a cleric variant with a special Contemplation-like ability to recover spell slots by eating the bodies of fallen foes, implemented mechanically with a combination of the spell point and divine power backends that Alex has been talking about on the fora.

Also, neat setting post from Edward at DM from Outremer.  And Micah had a solid post last week on handling monster templates in ACKS by adding *s to their XP value.  I guess if I can't actually post, I may as well aggregate.

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