Thursday, June 13, 2013

Domains at War + Roll20

Worked pretty well together, actually.  Spent about half as much time assembling unit images (well, getting image editing working on arch linux...) as playing, and ran Battle of the Fangs against myself.  It was extremely bloody and inconclusive; by the end, the only units left on-table were the chieftain's unit of ogres and the palatine's cataphracts.  There was a moment where the last other human units had been eliminated (the archers finally got pulped by the ogres, and the last stand of heavy infantry, disordered and facing the map edge with 1 uhp remaining, voluntarily retreated), the cataphracts had 1 uhp left, and the beastmen still had six units on-table, where I kind of went "A sane commander would voluntarily retreat now to screen his army during the pursuit phase...  but we're both over the break point, and my morale's better.  If I evade and knock off one or two more units via archery and shock rolls, I think they'll collapse under morale."  And they did, and it came down to the two elite units with commanders, both of whom were going to converge on full hit points via rallying...  and I got bored.  I expect eventually the ogres would roll a Flee result, and be run down by the cataphracts.  Perhaps we need a rule for advancing off the enemy's table edge.

I also realized that during our previous game, we had used a much larger map than intended - I think we may have gotten the orientation wrong.  Also, we missed the rule that "The target [of an attack to be declared] must be a unit that has not already been attacked this command phase, if possible," which helped pile damage on the ogres.  Terrain this time consisted of a few hills and a lake, and was not of much import, though the hills did generate a few to-hit bonuses and provided cover for the light cavalry from the orcish crossbows a few times.  Now I'm curious to start playing with the formula - wolf-riders, goblins instead of orcs, human conscript infantry, more terrain, mid-level characters, and so forth.

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