Monday, August 13, 2012

Of Vacation and Wilderness Lairs

Well, finished my summer job and now taking a week of vacation out in the woods of the Pacific Northwest before beginning the Long Drive back to school.  As a result, I expect that any posts this week will be wilderness-themed, since I'll be spending a bunch of time out in it.  If I find any grand vistas which inspire, I'll post pics.

On a more mechanical note, Alex of Autarch recently provided a beautiful answer to a question of immediate relevance to A Few GP More - just how many wilderness lairs are there per six-mile hex?  This came up while Carcophan was looking for a tribe of beastmen to bind to his service - I was pretty sure there was a village nearish to town, but was unsure of the lair density I should aim for.  Alas, it is a bit late now, but fortunately Alex has come to our aid.  Per his post:

Based on the average frequency of encounters, the average spotting distances of encounters, the average percentage chance of an encounter being in a lair, and the average distance traversed per encounter throw, I worked up the expected number of lairs per hex.
You can use the following table to determine how many lairs will appear in each hex:

TerrainLairs Per Hex
Clear, Grass, Scrub1d4
Each day of searching, allow one encounter throw to find a lair.

This is the kind of thing that really should have been in the rulebook, but I'm glad enough that ACKS has an active development team on the forums doing QA.  Plus, now there's a good mechanism for my players to go hunt down those gorram wyverns that keep threatening to kill everyone...  Interestingly enough, this also suggests that there's probably one lair somewhere in the Inhabited hex of Opportunity.  I'm thinking wererats, crypt-things, sewer monsters, and other fun may come of this.

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