Wednesday, August 22, 2012

But Soft, What Yonder Blog Doth Update?

Certainly not this one.

Kind of back from vacation, doing the Long Drive back to school.  This one has been less inspiring than last iteration, since I've seen all of these place names before.  Vacation yielded some interesting thoughts, though:

  • Hiking up hills in hot weather is unpleasant.  I need to increase the probability of "heat wave" on my random encounters chart.
  • We spent a lot of time swimming in rivers, since it was too hot to hike.  Alpine rivers are cooold.  Random river width: 3d6*10 feet at any given point.  Smooth to taste.  Also, where it's narrower, there are likely rapids.  Finally, I'm kind of wondering if my region doesn't need many, many more minor rivers for increased realism...
  • We also spent a significant amount of time in a local used bookstore, which had both books and a very friendly resident cat.  I picked up a copy of A History of Warfare, and have gotten through the stone age.  Now I want to run a Polynesian / Aztec ACKS game :(  I also picked up another book there that might warrant its own post; I'll get there eventually.
  • I stocked the hexes around Opportunity using the new lairs / hex guidelines, and even more than before, the question of "How does anyone survive in ACKSland?" is being asked.  That merits its own post as well.
I've also been pondering Hulst and his quest.  More details forthcoming there, but I think the reason Hulst likes to chant "Hulst Hulst Hulst" during battle, and the reason he is nicknamed the Roaring Raider, is that under his belief system, it is critically important that the people you kill know the name of their slayer so they can tell your ancestors of your deeds in the afterlife.

Finally, Alex is ramping up a Mutants and Masterminds campaign.  Need to write a post on the inherent minmaxiness of point-buy systems...

So yeah, have posts to write, but no real fleshed-out bodies for them yet.  I'll get around to it once things settle down.

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