Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Classic Traveller: Starships and Travel

  • Passage costs don't take distance into account at all.  This is silly, as it costs more to maintain a high-jump ship.
  • Working passage is a good idea, though.  Don't remember seeing that in Mongoose.
  • Hijacking rules are unclear.
  • Concrete drive failure probabilities.  I approve.
  • Banks require a business plan before they'll finance a starship for you.  lol.
  • More detail on how to run subsidized merchants, though.
  • Life support is twice as expensive as in MgT
  • Nice, fixed berthing costs, rather than random per starport.  That eliminated a source of records-keeping hassle.
  • ...  where's my giant table of speculative cargos?  Not in the section on cargo, that's for sure.  Huh.  (Oh, it's at the very end of the second book.  OK, carry on then)
  • Shuttle and ship charter prices are clearly listed
  • Acceleration maths!
  • Not a whole lot different in starship design, but the costs of designing and building your own are clearer.
  • Weapon selection - lasers, missiles, and sandcasters only.  None of those crazy mesons and dampers and nukes and crap.
  • Having a crewman fill two jobs effectively reduces his skill in each by 1, and grants him 75% pay from each.  Good rule.
  • Small craft with weapons require a gunner in addition to a pilot (but see above).
  • Starship combat: VECTOR MOVEMENT.  This is a reasonably credible starship combat minis game, folks.
  • Detection ranges are measured in light-seconds on game-scale, or mm on table-scale. 
  • A single hull hit depressurizes the hull.  Hope you're all wearing vacc suits!
    • Oh.  Further down, "Starships (and other vessels) depressurize their interiors before combat whenever possible, the passengers and crew resorting to vacc suits for safety and comfort. This procedure minimizes the danger due to explosive decompression as a battle result."  So yes, you should all be wearing your vacc suits.  That seems mighty wasteful of air, though...
  •  Repairs seem liable to cost a lot more.  (2d6-2)*10% of the original component, as opposed to "a couple tons of 10kCr spare parts".  Guess it depends on the component.
  • Includes building planet templates, complete with formulae for concentric rings indicating varying degrees of gravitic acceleration.
  • Starship computer programs, and manually swapping between storage and RAM, are a huge deal.  This is where T20 got its programs.  I'm not really sure whether I like Mongoose's handling of this (basically "programs are extras and they're too expensive for you").  At least here you can write your own (and hope it doesn't crash at an inopportune time).
  • There are rules for improving skills and attributes!  It just takes years, and goes away if you quit practicing.
    • You can boost your Edu by 2 points a year for 5kCr/year, up to a max of your Int, though, which nicely solves Bones' Dilemma.
  • There's no dedicated Broker skill - Admin and Bribery both provide DMs to  speculative cargo prices instead.


  1. When you depressurize before combat, you pump the air into holding tanks. You don't just vent it to space.

    1. I sort of figured, but I still doubt you're going to be getting it down to a perfect vacuum; hence still some losses. In any case, a minor quibble.