Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I woke up this morning with a single thought in my head - hitting level 14 in ACKS might be somewhat sad, since you now can never ever gain any further personal power.  I approve of the fact that power is capped, but having a hard "nope, you're done" solution is somewhat iffy.  I propose an analogue to E6, but at 'cap level' for various classes - you stop gaining levels, and just gain a new proficiency every time you would gain a level.  Might run into issues with low-capping demihuman classes, but overall it seems like it might be reasonable, especially if you start capping the number of times a single proficiency can be taken (I'm thinking Lay On Hands might be exploitable).

But overall, promising, and maybe useful for taking out those 30+ HD monsters.  Not that it's going to be a concern for a looong time to come at the rate we're playing.


  1. That's a good idea; espc. if you're letting your 14th level characters 'vegetate' gaining XP domain profits while you putter around with lower-level characters. Pick em up every once in a while and figure out what they've been learning in their free time.

    Any of the proficiencies that scale would give immediate returns, and looking through some of the multiply-selectable ones, Military Strategy stands out if you're going to be doing a lot of Domains At War play.

    Whatever one would cap Lay On Hands at, the final taking of that proficiency should allow the character to spread the healing out amongst multiple targets - I'm envisioning a high-level cleric going out and healing a crowd of her supplicants every morning in the yard of her temple-fortress with just a brush of her fingers.

  2. I mean, what else do 14th level characters do? We're already hitting a point where we have a pack of 6th-levels in control of a town and a pack of associated 3rd-level henchmen and PCs who miss many sessions; splitting the party has been brought up.

    I'm still kicking myself for missing the Domains At War kickstarter ): Curious to see what MilStrat does for you in that system.

    Hmm... interesting idea. Some of the Priestess healing spells in the ACKSPC were distributed / multi-target; I'd rather follow that precedent and handle it with researched spells than with LoH, I think.