Wednesday, December 30, 2020

ACKS: Mercenary Veteran Templates

So your PC just died and you didn't have any henchmen, but you did have a squad of mercenaries led by a veteran sergeant so maybe he's your new PC.  What's his deal?

(Equipment is in addition to normal equipment for the mercenary's type)

Heavy Infantry:

  1. Doppelsoldner - Fighting Style: 2H, Bargaining, Two-Handed Sword, swagger
  2. Grizzled Campaigner -  Combat Reflexes, Endurance, equanimity
  3. Glory Hound - Berserkergang, Gambling, cocky
  4. Standard-bearer - FS:Polearm, Leadership, polearm with tattered and bloodstained "banner" 
  5. Drillmaster - Command, Manual of Arms, hardass attitude
  6. Grumbler - Alertness, Mapping, vellum and charcoal, pessimism

Light Infantry:

  1. Survivor - Running, Survival, definitely not wanted for desertion
  2. Bandit - Combat Trickery (Knock Down), Intimidation, sociopathy
  3. Picket - Alertness, Endurance, high tolerance for boredom
  4. Skirmisher - Skirmishing, Endurance, three javelins
  5. Marine / Pirate - Swashbuckling, Seafaring, cutlass, alcoholism
  6. Duelist - Fighting Style: One-Handed or Two Weapon, Gambling, sword and dagger, scars

Bowmen, Longbowmen, Slingers, and Crossbowmen:

  1. Poacher - Alertness, Survival, definitely not wanted
  2. Braggart - Precise Shooting, Gambling
  3. Shepherd - Precise Shooting, Animal Husbandry, dog
  4. Yeoman - Fighting Style: Ranged, Riding, perpetual good cheer
  5. City Siege Survivor - Siege Engineering, Profession (Attorney), grim stories about eating plague rats
  6. Woodsman - Alertness, Tracking, quiet

Cavalry is sort of boring, since they all have Riding as their general and the set of class profs that are good mounted is fairly small.  I guess it would be funny to have one Imposter background for cavalry that gets like, Diplomacy instead.  Or could use their class prof on Riding, but that hurts pretty bad.  I'll keep thinking about it.

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