Saturday, August 13, 2016

ACKS and Traveller

  • ACKS is the lovechild of B/X and Traveller by way of a classical history education
  • Mid-level ACKS is structurally Traveller-esque, particularly when played nautically
    • We see this especially in the trade system
    • Traveller's no-ship, have-ship, and "oh god what do I do with all this money" phases of play are analogous to ACKS' dungeon, wilderness, and domain phases
    • Traveller-style Patrons, with money but without land or force, are a good solution to "why hire adventurers" for ACKS
  • Traveller is better at Traveller than ACKS is. 
  • God I'm burnt out on ACKS.
  •  Maybe I should run Traveller but add the best parts of ACKS
    • Steal holdings and trade rules from Suns of Gold
      • Probably lots of things worth mining from Stars Without Number, really
      • Might also be things worth taking from Classic Traveller
    • Add mercenaries and henchmen 
    • Add "treasure map" high-risk high-reward (megacredit+) opportunities (eg starship salvage, piracy, big caches of illegal goods)
    • More exploration focus
      • Maybe steal SWN's "scream" background too, player maps pre-fall and out of date, jump tech rare


  1. Huzzah, Traveller! I actually have an opportunity to license the Traveller rules for an Autarch sci-fi game. I've been mulling it heavily.

    I don't agree that Traveller does its Traveller parts better than ACKS does it CKS parts. I think ACKS' mass combat is best-in-class, for sure.

  2. i think that the flaw in traveller is the late game... and acks at leats in my group is delivering a really cool late game with war, aliances, and magical constructs. SWN may have a nice endgame with factions...I have to try that.