Thursday, June 30, 2016

ACKS - Mundane Equipment Kits

Once upon a time, I wrote that simplifying encumbrance by putting mundane gear into bundles would be great and useful.  So here are some kits, in the style of Beyond the Black Gate's old standard adventuring kit.  I'm making the reasonable assumption that players will buy backpacks and count their arms, armor, and military oil separately.  I'm also assuming that rations weigh 2lb per day, per page 94.  This means that one day of rations is an item, and six days of rations are about a stone (though I am sorely tempted to fudge a little and make a week's rations a stone, for roundness), assuming you can get water from somewhere else.

A backpack holds four stone, and so can be used to carry up to four of the following kits.
  • Burglary Kit: Thieves' tools, crowbar, large sack, small mirror, hooded lantern, pint of lantern oil (four hours of light). Cost 41gp, weight 1 stone.
  • Camping Kit: Tent, blanket/bedroll, tinderbox, 1 day of rations, wine/waterskin, fishhooks and line.  Cost 25gp, weight 1 stone.
    • Replace fishhooks and line with hatchet for +3gp cost.
    • Extra rations: 6 days of rations, cost 3 gp, weight 1 stone.
    • Extra iron rations (normal rations go bad in about a week): 6 days of iron rations, cost 6gp, weight 1 stone.
    • One day of water: Cost 3gp for containers (about four waterskins), weight 1 stone.  Refillable, but be careful with your source.
  • Climbing Kit: 100' rope, small hammer, 12 iron spikes, grappling hook, pouch of chalk. Cost 30gp, weight 1 stone
  • Dungeoneering Kit: 6 torches (1 hour of light each), dagger, 50' of rope, 12 iron spikes, small hammer, large sack. Cost 8gp, weight 1 stone.
    • Replace dagger with a set of manacles with key for +17 gp cost.
    • 10' pole - inexpensive, weight 1 stone, doesn't fit into a backpack.
  • Gothic Monster Hunting Kit: Holy symbol, mallet and 4 stakes, 1lb garlic, 1lb belladonna, silver dagger, small mirror. Cost 73gp, weight 1 stone
  • Medical Kit: 2lb of comfrey (HP), 1lb of birthwort (poison), 1lb goldenrod (disease), 1lb woundwort (HP), small bonesaw. Cost 54gp, weight 1 stone
    • More of herbs: 2 lb of comfrey, 1 lb of birthwort, 1 lb of goldenrod, 2 lb of woundwort, cost 60 gp, weight 1 stone.
  • Monster Part Collection Kit: Four jars, scalpel, bottle of cheap liquor.  Cost 7gp, weight 1 stone.
The main things I feel like I'm currently missing are mapping (with parchment, ink, and so forth) and navigation (compass, sextant, spyglass, &c).  But I don't think dungeon mapping gear would take up a full stone, and navigation gear isn't in the book and quite possibly also not a full stone, so I guess those two are just going to get skipped.

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