Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Notes from the Salt Marsh

I spent a fair bit of time out in the swamp over this holiday weekend, and brought back a couple of thoughts.
  • A fun model for a "the dungeon closes at sundown" would be a megadungeon in a tidal zone that floods every 12 hours or so, with changing water levels and levers and pumps and things to open and close areas...  Sorely tempted to build one of these.
  • Six mile hexes are still big.  In a mile of trail, saw several differnet biomes, including stands of dead trees, fields of cord grass, tidal mud flats, pond full of red tannin water, thickets, beach, bay, numerous islands...
  • Small islands make good isolated microbiomes for something like Western Marches (Western Marshes?)
  • Saw a worm that looked like a twig.  Scaling up to a giant worm that looks like a dead tree and eats human-sized critters would be entertaining.
  • Heat, humidity, biting insects, jellyfish, sunburn, the smell of the pluff mud (actually I don't mind that one much), blaugh.  Minor environmental inconveniences often get ignored, even as flavor text.  Bring extra water rations and a hat next time.

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