Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Board Game Tuesday

Playing new boardgames with a different group on a weeknight?  Scandalous!

Manhattan Project - This struck me as a well-designed game.  Uranium and plutonium seem balanced against each other (uranium is faster but more money-expensive both for production and loading bombers and lower-yield, but the plutonium path is slower).  A number of rules prevent the game from deadlocking (mandatory placement or retrieval, bribe pool).  Was fun, would play again now that I have a better understanding of the mechanics and tactics. A little bit on the long side (about 2.5 hours I think?), but that was with some stalling plays and lots of inexperience.  Overall I feel the game was well-worth the time.

Coup - I was hesitant as I expected this to be a Mafia / Werewolf / Bang style deception game, but was pleasantly surprised.  Maybe I was thinking of the larger variant with Monarchist / Rebel cards.  I enjoyed this game more than I expected; it is very satisfying to pull off a bold-faced bluff.

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