Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bundle of Holding: Paranoia!

Damnit, BoH, now I'm halfway through both the Pendragon and Eclipse Phase core books and you're tempting me with more cheap, delicious games in support of good causes (EFF and Human Rights Watch this time). 

And my coworkers have requested that I run Paranoia.  This has been problematic in the past due to lack of Paranoia (well, in written / manual form, at least).  But now it is remedied.

So much for having a monthly gaming budget...  and next week is Steam Summer Sale, and this last week Civ5 came out for linux...

And good times were had by all.

Related: Eclipse Phase is a beautiful setting, and one which I think Jared and Matt at least would be moderate fans of.  I'm a little concerned that with the body-switching and virtual reality and mind-bendy nanobots, things could get into Bodak Territory pretty easily, but it also feels like it would suit my style quite well.
  • Immortalish demons with magic beyond mortal kenning - TITANs, exsurgent virus, exsurgent nanoswarms.  Hell, they even have skull-taker bots that behead you for forced uploading to unknown purpose...
  • Cults within cults, wheels within wheels - Shadow war between Firewall and TITAN cults (or other things that I just haven't read up to yet).  Conspiracy abounds.
  • PC death - A regular occurrence, but softened by re-downloading into a fresh "sleeve".  Sanity loss is what permakills you (much like in ACKS, it's the resurrection side-effects that get you).
  • The Dungeoncrawl / Hulkcrawl - Plenty of rightly-abandoned derelict habitats in orbit over Earth.  Mind the killbots.
  • Non-aversion to divination - Useful here, since there's pervasive surveillance (sousveillance via nanite) and any half-sensible PC will probably just check the meshnet as their first source.  Not a good setting for murder mysteries (though resleeving makes me really want to run a murder mystery game, where the PCs are both the victims and the investigators.  But if you really want to assassinate someone in EP, you take out the backups first...).

Reddit would have me believe that one significant problem with the game is that you can stack too much armor, and then nothing is a threat.  This is something that I would probably have to address, since backup/restore operations are sort of supposed to be a thing.  I have also read that chargen is rather complex - am now curious if there's a good way to merge Trav-simplicity onto EP-setting.  But that is a project for after I have properly read and evaluated EP's mechanics as-is.

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  1. As you say, Paranoia is a class feature of those in your line of work. Good posts, congrats on the Editor credit. Pointing out typos runs in your blood.