Monday, September 23, 2013

State of the Gamist, September 2013

Still kickin'.  Had fun at DragonCon, but was also somewhat disappointed with the panels (almost to the point of writing rebuttal posts).  Mostly done travelling for a while, but travel time expenditures have been replaced with girlfriend time expenditures (less billable, but more enjoyable).  No gaming to speak of outside of Natural Selection 2 (at which I am bad) and Dwarf Fortress (at which I am less bad).

Spent some time this last week hunting typos in the final Domains at War: Campaigns draft, though (and was pleased by the fact that dwarven crossbow-cavalry ride mules).  Then the Wilderlands bug bit me again, but upon further examination I realized (again) that the Wilderlands are just too big and inconsistent for my liking.  Resolved to run an ACKS-ified Western Marches-esque game in the near* future instead ("civilization" being a place akin to Roman Germany or Roman Britain at Hadrian's Wall, with a wilderness of vikings and giants and naked berserker Celt-orcs to the north).  Started design work on the Mother Of All ACKS Scripts to aid in this endeavour.  Further updates forthcoming as actual work is completed.

"World creation, has begun..."

* Part of me knows that this is completely the wrong approach, and that I'm falling into the over-prep trap.  So I guess I'll just have to set really aggressive deadlines for myself (or be contented with building an awesome tool and never actually using it to run a game).


  1. I crave scripts... ssscccrrriipppttss! Also, if you'd like me to help with said scripts, let me know (finally got Linux installed and set up) and we can talk about it. Otherwise, I am content to mooch.

    1. And here I had added Windows support to my list of planned features just for you!

  2. ... upon further consideration, it makes more sense for me to not automate until I find a necessary task so tedious that it requires automation. I can send you the scripts I have, though.

  3. I have a number at the moment. Just need the right version of python.