Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cyberpunk 2011

Lepht is a scary person.  Still one of the most... riveting? things I've seen on the internet recently.


  1. Lepht Anonym was right to remain anonymous for as long as possible. S/he seems completely uninterested in the social questions surrounding trans-humanism but authors, myself, and (I think) most people feel that the social aspect is the most compelling part!

    If this were not such a taboo subject s/he would be able to find the funding for experimentation; along with quality products at prices made reasonable by volume production.

    Lepht's own fervor and willingness to experiment on the 'self' is terrifying... and inspiring! But, like it or not stepping out into the spotlight means they will be representing people; specifically those with an interest in human augmentation. I worry that the lack of professionalism could hurt the discourse surrounding this talk and the work that Lepht had already done.

    (That paragraph sounds weird because of that wonderful lexical gap in English regarding dis-engendered pronouns.)

    While everyone seems to love the
    humble garage-based origin stories ...even if none of them are true. I can see why they would get squeamish when the thing you're hacking on in the garage is your own body.

  2. I wouldn't attempt any of this. The risk is too high, the reward too inconsequential. I don't really understand her dislike of haptics, they seem much more compelling (and much less limited) to me.

    I understand that it's not really about utility for her, but to me, risking body function is a pretty big deal. I find it bizarre that she doesn't give a shit about her health.

    Hell, I'd be hesitant to undergo medical surgery. Plenty of people die of infection. And that's without passing out while you have open wounds.