Sunday, May 26, 2013

Scripts and Things

Mostly scripts.

Upgraded the henchinator script to allow generation of NPCs of arbitrary levels and to generate magic gear at the standard 5% per character level rate for NPCs (though 'useful' is a funny categorization for some of these results...  10th-level Explorer with the Ring of Weakness and clerics with a handful of magic arrows, I'm looking at you).  Now useful for generating NPC parties, bandit heroes, and a host of other folks of greater than 4th level.  Added names while I was at it, pulling down part of the Onomastikon and adding both gender and naming to the scripts (first did random names, then started getting combinations like "Wulfram the Valkyrie" and decided I needed to separate names by gender and add gender probabilities by class).  Next up: general proficiency generation.  Don't think I really want to do class profs, but general profs I can generate mostly based on ability scores.  Class profs depend more on weapon selection, spell availability, and other factors.  I also added waypointing to the merchant demandinator a while back, so that's now in a more-or-less finished state except some output formatting improvements (sorting outputs into a sensible order, possibly a csv output option).  Would be nice to have a save/load function for when market classes change, but that's not all that interesting of a problem.  The recursive hex-stocker of awesome is mostly functional, but I'm bogged down on data entry / transcription; I got up through Leech, Giant before my brain and fingers shut down.  Considering regex / pdfgrep, but that will involve doing a lot of manual post-processing too.  My output formatting on this one is also really, really terrible, but there isn't a particularly good way to print the list of warbands in an orcish village down to the gang level along with each of their treasures.  Still need to add support for taking a csv or text map file and combining auto-stocking with trade value generation to get a whole region fully-stocked and ready to go in a single command, too.  Also unfortunately, my webspace is disappearing since it was through my college, so I need to find somewhere else to host this stuff.  Still considering a github.

Have also been working on setting stuff for the summer game.  Coming along nicely.  More on that soon (perhaps tomorrow).

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