Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On Prep

Well, I've finally figured it out.

If there's no pressing deadline for the prep work, it just isn't going to get done.  And by 'pressing' I mean "Is this going to get used in the next three to five days or so?  No?  Well alright then."

Self-knowledge is a wonderful thing.


  1. Dude...

    I've been trying to get my prep sorted out fully for months now. the game starts in about 7 weeks though, so I've still got time... Right?

    1. Seven weeks is an eon for prep! You'll be fine. Although, in responding to this, I came to the realization that the corollary to my thought in the post is "If it takes more than 3-5 days to prep, I'm over-preparing and a lot of it will go to waste, either by just not being revealed yet or by being totally derailed out of possibility by unexpected PC actions."