Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Prep Time

Well, the ACKS game is launching hopefully in the next 4-5 days.  It's crunch time as far as prep goes.  Have enough setting fleshed out; time to build a dungeon.  It was going to be a small dungeon...  but after writing the specs for it, I'm not sure I'm going they're compatible with that aim.  So the time has come to dust off BtBG's megadungeon resources (though I'm really looking at a mediodungeon), and to break out the graph paper...

Hey cool, I found a reasonable use case for traps and secret doors.  Dear players: you may wish to consider bringing one or more of the following: thief, elf, ten-foot pole.  It is worth noting that one of these things does not want a share of the treasure and won't steal your stuff.


  1. One of these things doesn't want treasure... But another one of them has low Constitution and easily grasped ears to drag them by when you refuse to give them their treasure.

    Of course the last choice can be a bit of a backstabber, but who doesn't like a roguish man?



    1. Ah, but ACKS is basically B/X, and elves don't have a Con score penalty or restriction... You're right about the ears, though. Elves also have the advantage of carrying their own stuff, rather than encumbering you like a pole would.