Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Starmada: Campaign Begins

I finally finished hammering out a set of campaign rules that I'm reasonably satisfied with, available for download here.  We also have a map:

The letters in each system represent the type of the system's primary world; Industrial, Civilized, Mining, Farming, Penal, or Uninhabited.  Each player may choose a color, and the systems that each player holds will be updated to their color.

The goal is to start the campaign this coming Saturday.  Alex, Matt, Tim, Jared, Mark, and I are all confirmed players, and I'm pretty sure Ethan will play as well.

Let the fleetbuilding commence!

Edit / Update 20 May:
We've made a few rules updates by popular demand, and I think most of us have fleets now as well.  Ethan's out, but the rest of us are still good to play, so Saturday's looking promising.

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