Friday, April 29, 2011

Starmada So Far

So my Traveller campaign came to a good end last weekend - they slew the bounty hunter who'd been vexing them the whole campaign, foiled the plans of the mad physicist Joachim Steuben, and prevented the escape of the meme-demon Malnar into realspace.  All good fun, but the semester's ending, and with it goes the campaign.  And in its place grows Starmada.  I introduced the group to it a few weeks ago when one of the players couldn't make it, and they appear to be hooked.  So I'm going to keep something of a log of the battles fought here, as well as a scoreboard.

Game 0: Imperial (me) vs. Peacekeeper (Alex)
Scenario: None.  Not even sure how many points this was.  No terrain, either.
Result: Defeat.  He won by VP, but his remaining ships were sufficiently crippled that I could sit outside their ranges and destroy them with my remaining forces.  We kind of called it a draw, but if I'm keeping serious scores, then this counts as a win for him and a loss for me.

Game 1: Ionian Pirates (me) vs. Nebari (Alex)
Scenario: The Trap, Alex defending.
Result: Victory!  My ships disabled Alex's weapons and shields with long-range no-hull-damage guns, then closed for hull damage.

Game 2: Eldar (me) and Terran Empire (Tim) vs. Nations of Earth (Matt) and Vanguard (Alex).
Scenario: Hit-and-Run with lots of minefield terrain, Tim and I on offense.
Result: Draw.  Tim's fleet was mostly annihilated, but did enough damage that I was able to finish up after decloaking behind the enemy fleet, but they got one of my light cruisers with their rear guns and passed the victory threshold at the same time we did.

Game 3: Matt's Carriers o' Death vs. Tim's Mythic
Scenario: None, 500 points I think, and a planet off to one side.
Result: Matt won...  but then we realized he'd accidentally fielded 800 points of ships rather than 500.  So I think this is going down as a draw on the record...

Game 4: Matt's Fighter Fleet and Chaos (me) vs. Mythic (Tim) and Vanguard (Alex)
Scenario: None.  We were in a hurry.  Also no terrain.
Result: Victory.  Matt's carriers destroyed Alex's "glass cannon frigate", and I took out Tim's Hydra cruiser.  That, plus some independent fighters that we downed, put us over the threshold, with our only casualty being one of my cruisers.  Largely due to luck / poor impact rolls on Alex's part.

Game 5: Nations of Earth (Jared), Chaos (me), and Mythic-Carrier (Tim) vs. Vanguard and Templars (Matt)
Scenario: None (1200 points, 600 to win), planet with many moons at center of map.
Result: Victory.  Matt and Alex's fleets were both long-range, so we hid in the asteroids and waited for them to close while Tim's fighters harassed them.  When we finally did strike, we destroyed both of Matt's cruisers and one of Alex's light cruisers, and only lost my battleship for a 700 VP to 400 VP victory.

So, the scoreboard:
Name - Wins / Draws / Losses
Alex - 1 / 1 /3
Jared - 1 / 0 / 0
John - 3 / 1 / 1
Matt - 1 / 2 / 1
Tim - 1 / 2 / 1

Oddly symmetric, except for Jared.  We'll see how he does this week.

Expect weekly Starmada updates, and probably house-ruled scenarios, traits, and terrain.  We'll probably play a campaign of this over the summer, as well.

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