Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kushan Battlefleet

While working on my test ships for Colonial Battlefleet the other day, I found myself upon the Homeworld wiki.  There I espied the claim that Homeworld had been intended as a videogame adaptation of Battlestar Galactica.  That Colonial Battlefleet was Galactica-inspired got the gears turning, and correlations starting to be made.  I'm not familiar with BSG, but the no-shields rules in Man vs Machine ought to serve might fine for modelling Homeworld...

So some conversion notes and thoughts (not going to spring into building ships, as CBF's shipbuilder spreadsheet makes my Open Source Excel Clone Of Choice segfault, which makes me bloody nervous...  besides, I want to do things it probably wouldn't let me)
  • Motherships.  Proposed new role: Fleet Carrier, providing some combination of Carrier, Flagship, and Fleet Support functions.
  • Tech lets us do most of the equipment manipulation.  Since it was a mighty symmetrical game, tech levels are pretty much universal.
    • Antimatter somewhere around 2, for the torpedos (as used on Assault Frigates).  Homeworld capital ships are not particularly maneuverable.
    • Conventional Weaponry at least 3.  We know the Taiidan possess strategic bombardment weapons, as employed against Kharak.  Optional rule that Max P.Def is equal to Conventional Weapons is in effect.
    • Fighters 4-5 all round.  The upper levels of the fighter tech tree will probably need replaced.
    • Lasers 1 for screen role, but no shields.
    • Orbital Construction...  peculiar.  Haven't decided how I'm handling tonnage yet.  Nominally 4, since there are some damn big ships.
    • Quantum Manipulation 2 for Taiidan, 3-4 for Kushan / Hiigaran.  Ion Beams are modelled as disruptors, and are available to both sides.  Stealth ships are the Kushan 'special' counter to the Taiidan defense frigate.
  • Tonnage is complicated by the fact that Homeworld's ship naming conventions are mixed.  Two ways to play this one:
    • Corvettes translate to destroyers, frigates translate to cruisers, destroyers to heavy cruiers, carriers, shipyards and battle/heavy cruisers translate to battlecruisers, and motherships and dreadnaughts translate to battleships, or
      • Problem - unfaithful conversion of corvettes as fuel-constrained small craft, further mangling of the fleet construction system to accomodate large number of corvette / destroyers
    • Corvettes are gunships per MvM, frigates are destroyers, destroyers to light cruisers, heavy cruisers to heavy cruisers, battlecruisers and carriers to BC, and motherships and dreadnoughts to battleship.
      • Problem - modelling multi-gun, salvage, repair, and minelayer corvettes as gunships
  • I lack a good way to model the Taiidan defense frigate's ability to shoot bullets out of space.  Screen is great and all, but that's not what it does.  Providing something like L1 shields to a nearby ship would actually sort of work, with the caveat that shields are ignored by missiles, fighters, and disruptors.  Taiidan defense fighters should probably work the same way.
  • Gravwell and stealth generators likewise problematic.  Stealth generator is just not going to happen under CBF's stealth rules.  Gravwell might be workable as something like a spatial disruption torp.
  • Missile destroyers fire cluster missiles since they're good against fighters
  • The sensor arrays and probes are probably doable as a cross between Screen and Scout, with the +1 to hit nearby ships and the no-cloak within a certain distance, but without cloaking and +point defense.  Call it a Sensor role.
  • Lots of unarmed support ships in Homeworld.  Not sure how well that's gonna work out...  Might need to change things up a little and have say Assault Frigate hulls with different roles representing point defense, sensor, or other gear.  The other option is to make stuff special equipment that uses lots of space, and then assign role Fleet Support to unarmed ships.  That seems a bit silly, though.
  • FTL travel is somewhat contentious within the Homeworld universe; HW1 permitted capital ships to perform tactical hyperdrive sort of maneuvers.  Might be something to steal from MvM's Raider rules.
In unrelated news, it turns out Sierra released the Homeworld Source back in 2003, and one can still find it online.  The internet never forgets...

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