Monday, March 19, 2012

Fantasy Traveller - Priest

Priests are those who devote their lives to deities and religious orders.

Qualification: Edu 6+.  -1 DM per previous career.


Cleric: You were the face of the church to lay people, a traveling priest often forced to defend yourself or your flock, but not devoted to the study of combat.  Strength of will and constitution were a requirement for your line of work, but the ability to pull out quotes from scripture in the tensest situation were what let you stand out.
Survival: End 6+.  Advancement: Edu 6+.

Monk: You were a member of a cloistered monastic order, dedicating your life to the upkeep of a shrine or temple.  You may also have been responsible for scribing copies of your holy book, providing for visiting pilgrims, and brewing beer (seriously, it was traditional in Medieval Europe).  Many monastic orders also taught minimalist fighting styles, in keeping with their vows of poverty.  Strict adherence to the tenets of your order were necessary to remain a monk, while feats of asceticism were looked upon highly.
Survival: Edu 5+.  Advancement: End 7+.

Templar: You were a member of a militant order in the service of a church, tasked with the defense of its temples and pilgrims.  Your faith was your shield in battle, but the church relied on your strength as well.
Survival: Edu 7+.  Advancement: Str 5+.

Basic Training: Priests may choose to take their basic training skills from their specialty rather than the service skills table.

Personal Development:
  1. +1 End
  2. +1 Edu
  3. +1 Soc
  4. +1 Str
  5. Lore (Theology)
  6. Melee (Blunt)

Service skills:
  1. Liturgy
  2. Lore (Theology)
  3. Athletics (Endurance)
  4. Melee (Blunt)
  5. Diplomat
  6. Language (Any)
Cleric skills:
  1. Liturgy
  2. Persuade
  3. Melee (Blunt)
  4. Navigation
  5. Leadership
  6. Deity-specific skill
Monk skills:
  1. Liturgy
  2. Melee (Unarmed or Blunt)
  3. Athletics (Any)
  4. Steward
  5. Lore (Any)
  6. Art (Writing) or Trade (Deity-appropriate)
Templar skills:
  1. Liturgy
  2. Melee (Any)
  3. Heavy Armor
  4. Athletics (Strength)
  5. Athletics (Endurance)
  6. Tactics
Cleric ranks:
  1. Acolyte -> Persuade 1
  2. Shepherd
  3. Cleric -> Liturgy 1
  4. Father
  5. Hierarch -> Leadership 1 or +1 Soc
  6. Messiah
Monk ranks:
  1. Scribe -> Lore (Any) 1
  2. Sworn Brother
  3. Monk -> Liturgy 1
  4. Brother Superior
  5. Abbot -> Diplomat 1 or +1 Soc
  6. Master of the Order
Templar ranks:
  1. Squire -> Heavy Armor 1
  2. Brother Militant
  3. Templar -> Melee (Any) 1
  4. Paladin
  5. Templar Commander -> Leadership 1 or +1 Soc
  6. Defender of the Faith

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