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Teutonia - Chargen and Whatnot

Class availability and backgrounds:

Teutons comprise the bulk of the human population of the setting, and are Germanic in flavor.  They speak Common, and may be of the following classes:
  • Fighters - ubiquitous, from bandits to knights
  • Clerics - Worship either Ammonar or the Old Norse gods.  Ammonarites mostly ubiquitous but with seat of church power at Gothenheim, organized clerical Norse religion centered at Moorhafen due to distance from Gothenheim and proximity to Nordmar.
    • TODO: alternate Norse spell list with things like Summon Berserkers, Thunder Hammer, &c
  • Mages - typically associated with a local branch of the Rotenburg Academy
    • Mage orders / schools / societies are going to be a separate post
  • Thieves - most common in the large cities (Gothenheim, Konigsport, Bad Rotenburg), also significant presences in smaller port cities like Wogenhafen and Moorhafen
  • Assassin - rumors of Ammonarite church assassins are...  unsubstantiated, citizen.  Unaffiliated assassins are also found in the major cities, particularly Konigsport.  Two variants of note:
    • Pirates:
      • Lose Move Silently, ability to wear armor heavier than chainmail.
      • Gain Seafaring, Swashbuckling.  
      • Class proficiency list: replace Alchemy, Swashbuckling, and Contortionism with Seafaring, Navigation, and Combat Trickery (Force Back).  
      • XP: 1850 to 2nd, doubling up to 60kXP at 7th level, 120kXP at 8th, and +120kXP per level thereafter.
      • Level titles: Prefix Stowaway, Shanghai'd, Swabbie, Salty, Damp, or Scurvy to the assassin titles for the first 6 levels.  7th is Old Hand, 8th is First Mate, 9th is Pirate Captain, 14th is Pirate King.
    • Urban Assassins:
      • Lose: ability to wear armor heavier than Leather
      • Gain Alertness and Perceive Intentions (as the Mystic ability).  There's more to be done with the theme of assassins reading people (as Tao suggests), but this is an acceptable start
      • In class proficiency list, replace Alertness with Diplomacy.  
      • 2000 XP to second level; XP progression is the same as a fighter.
      • Level titles: are hard, man.
  • Bard - much beloved by the noblewomen of the castles of the Rune and Shoen River valleys.  Much less beloved by their husbands.
  • Explorer - most are from either the Howling Hills (experience fighting beastmen) or the Schwartzwald Frontier (fighting elves, undead, and darker things), but others are poachers from noble hunting grounds, hicks, former military scouts, bandits, bounty-hunters, or what-have-you.
    • Hill explorers may remove Seafaring from their class profs list and add Goblin-Slaying in its place
    • Schwartzwald explorers may exchange Seafaring for Wakefulness in their class prof lists.  Those who spend long enough in the haunted woods of the elves learn to sleep little and lightly (or, just as often, find themselves unable to sleep due to nightmares)
  • Paladin - There are numerous knightly orders present in Teutonia, some of which serve the church directly and derive holy power from it (most notably the Order of the Silver Thorn and the Order of the Cleansing Flame).
    • The Order of the Cleansing Flame are witch-hunters.
      • Lose: Sensing Evil, Divine Body
      • Gain: Sensing Power, Divine Blessing
      • Class Profs:
        • Remove Goblin-Slaying, Divine Blessing, Military Strategy, Diplomacy, and Combat Trickery (Incapacitate)
        • Add Divine Body, Arcane Dabbling, Intimidate, Collegiate Wizardry, and Fire Prayer (ability to cast Resist Fire once per 8 hours)
      • Level Titles: may append 'Vigilant' to their level titles up to 8th level.  Their 9th level title is Inquisitor, then subsequently Inquisitor Lord.
      • XP to level: as Paladin
      • They favor two-weapon fighting with a torch in their off-hand, and prize flaming swords
      • Clerics associated with this order may swap out Spiritual Weapon for Burning Hands as a 2nd-level divine spell.
    • The mission of the Order of the Silver Thorn is hunting vampires, ghosts, ghouls, wharwhelfs, and other supernatural creatures who hide in human settlements.  
      • Class prof list: 
        • Remove Combat Trickery (Sunder), Goblin-Slaying, and Illusion Resistance 
        • Add Perceive Intentions, Berserkergang, and Silverskin (as Elven Bloodline).
      • Level titles: may add 'Silver' or 'Argent' to their level titles.  At 8th level, they become Platinum Knights, then Platinum Lords thereafter.
      • XP: as Paladin
      • They favor silvered spears and polearms, and polish their armor to a mirror sheen
    • Stock paladins may be from any of a variety of minor orders - make up a good name when you roll one.
    • Transitioning between the Fighter and Paladin classes is possible if a fighter joins a holy order as a result of events in-game.  Works a lot like a monster transformation, except that you now level faster rather than slower.
  • Priestess: Available in both female and male (priest) versions.  Replaces bladedancer as a 'second flavor of cleric' - more appropriate for a Medieval-feeling game than dervish-clerics of Ishtar.
    • TODO: tweak priest / priestess spell lists.  Will work well enough for now, though.
  • Venturer: Typically Swabian, often trading across the North Sea and the Silbermeer.  Available if anyone wants a challenge or wants to play "The Logistics Guy".  Arguably more useful as henches.
  • Warlock - a human disciple or collaborator with the elven covens.  Often a poor idea for long-term survival.
Norsemen are also available as PCs, but probably not as henchmen unless hiring in Nordmar.  Norse PCs are assumed to have spent enough time in Teutonia to speak broken Common (penalty to reaction rolls with nobles, unless Language is taken) in addition to their native Norse, and may play as the following classes:
  • Barbarian (Jutland) replaces the Fighter class for Norse characters.   Norse Barbarians may choose to gain Berserkergang instead of Climbing at 1st level, and replace Berserkergang with Climbing in their class proficiency list.
  • Explorer - Norse explorers are as written in the Core.
  • Mage - Norse mages are typically trained at the Tower of the Winds, one of the northernmost points of human settlement, and are much feared among the Norsemen.
    • Class profs list: remove Black Lore and Diplomacy, add Intimidation and Cold Resistance (as the Valkyrie ability)
  • Valkyrie - As written, but with Wis as a second prime req.  May want to replace Language with something else, but not sure what yet.  Lay on Hands would not be a bad pick, and would sort of emphasize the Paladin / Valkyrie parallels.
  • Witch - Any tradition but Voudon.  Largely replaces Cleric for the Norse, who don't really have an organized warrior-priest establishment.  Also much-feared.  Considered shaman, but it just didn't quite feel right.
Dwarves originate mostly from settlements either in the Howling Hills or the Bleiburg, and have the following classes available to them:
  • Dwarven Vaultguard
  • Dwarven Craftpriest - uses the cleric spell list, as most dwarves turned to the worship of Ammonar after his church liberated them from elvish rule
  • Dwarven Fury - typically originates as either a Bleiburg Highlander (yes, they wear kilts, have bagpipes, and use dwarf-sized two-handed swords), or less commonly as a dwarf raised by bears in the Howling Hills.
  • Dwarven Templar - On a holy mission to protect the Zugenhof, defend the Mannerheim Line, and retake the Mourning Mountains.  As paladin, except as follows:
    • Gains:
      • Dwarf racial features, including bonus to saving throws
      • +1 to all proficiency throws
      • Endurance
      • Goblin-Slaying
      • +1 HP/level after 9th level
      • Proficiency with arbalest, for shooting beastmen from within fortifications, and hand-axes for throwing and utility
      • Min Con 9 to qualify
    • Loses: 
      • Detect Evil
      • Proficiency with two-handed swords and polearms
    • Class prof list:
      • Remove Goblin-Slaying and Mystic Aura
      • Add Sensing Evil and Dwarven Brewing
    • Max level: 12th
    • XP to level: 2250 to 2nd, doubling up to 70kXP at 7th, 140kXP at 8th, and 130kXP per level thereafter.
    • Level titles: Prepend "Dwarf" or "Dwarven" to the paladin level titles up to 7th level.  At 8th level, they are "Dwarven Templars", and thereafter "Templar Lords"
Elves are not quite per the ACKS Core in this setting.  As a result of the heinous dark sorcery of their (relatively recent) ancestors, all elves receive Dark Souls and After the Flesh, as the Zaharan abilities of the same name, and increase their cost to reach 2nd level by 50XP, with according increases further down the line.  They are treated with suspicion and fear by the peasantry, but often take pains to conceal their true nature lest the Cleansing Flame come looking.  Classes available to them include:
  • Elven Spellsword - I really want to cook up a version of this that is more like the Zaharan Ruinguard from the Player's Companion.  It would level faster with half-casting and some neat 'death healing' and 'channel spell through weapon'-type abilities, but more restricted weapons and armor.  I will do this if people are interested, but have not done so yet.
    • The current version with just the elf mods is 4050XP to 2nd, doubling up to 130kXP to 7th, 260kXP to 8th, and 170kXP per level thereafter (so really pretty minimal changes to levelling rate).
  • Elven Nightblade - as Core, plus the changes under the Elf description.  2825XP to 2nd, doubling up to 90kXP at 7th, 180kXP at 8th, and 150kXP per level thereafter (likewise, effectively irrelevant at high levels, only matters at low levels).
  • Elven Warlock - as human warlock, plus one point of Elf value for full casting and some racial traits.  Basically:
    • Gains:
      • Elf racial traits
      • Spells per day and in repertoire as a mage of their class level
      • Earlier access to research and crafting abilities
    • Swaps the levels for Familiar and Black Lore in the class progression (Black Lore at 1st, Familiar at 2nd)
    • Max level: 12th
    • XP to level: 2875 to 2nd, doubling up to 90kXP at 7th, 180kXP at 8th, and 200kXP per level thereafter
    • Level titles: Prepend 'Elven', 'Fey', or 'Inhuman' to the warlock level titles
 Nobirans may be used to model the direct descendants of the divinely-blessed emperor Theudald.  Roll all 11+ stats, then we'll talk about classes, but expect to see a fighter/thief/aristocrat-type class backed up by racial divine spellcasting.  Wonderworkers may not be available, since the church and the arcanists don't get along too well (although I could be persuaded that a jesuit-type order of priest-scholars might be thematically appropriate...  and who better to keep watch on the workings of those damn academics than people loyal to the church who also know magic?).

Characters are to be created per the advanced characters rules on page 253, with the following alterations:
  • 5000 starting XP, 4000 starting GP.  This puts most classes at 3rd level, with elves and dwarves lagging somewhat behind.  Prime requisite bonus does apply to starting XP, but not to starting GP.
  • Hit points for first level are rolled twice with the higher roll taken, and once per level thereafter.
  • The magic item and henchman gold tradeoffs are in effect.  You may use your backup ability score sets to bring in such henchmen.
Sure hope I can get my webcam working so I can actually run this.... at least my mic works.

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